Broadband Internet Access


Broadband Plan
Traffic Data
Speed Down/Up
Go2 ADSL Unlimited
Full Speed
Go2 Naked ADSL Unlimited
Full Speed
Go2 VDSL Unlimited
Full Speed

All prices are monthly and exclude GST.
Naked DSL is Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) without an analogue telephone service.
VDSL is Very High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line.

  • Static IP included.
  • 500MB Webmail space included.
  • Free advanced Spam and Virus Filtering.
  • Free connection on 12 month minimum term.

Set up options
Connection only - We connect your home line to Go2 Broadband at your local exchange - no technician visit is required. This is the best option if you are connecting one computer to broadband and have less than 5 jack points in use in your house or office. Cost: Free.
Connection and Wiring - You'll need this option if you have a monitored or medical alarm system, if you have five or more jack points in use or your modem cord does not reach your wall. The cost for a technician visit is $150 excluding GST.

Go2 DSL Settings

Encapsulation: VC-MUX
Modulation: PPPoA
VPI: 0
VCI: 100
Authentication Method: PAP
DNS: Set to Auto Discover DNS
IP Address: Automatically Assigned